Paleo Shopping List: Costco Edition

Every year on Christmas day, we feed the local cops who have to work. It started when I worked for the Police Department, but even though I’m not working there any longer, and we aren’t in our house right now, we decided to maintain the tradition. Continue reading


Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Icing

We slept in this morning, It was really cold when I let the dog out last night before bed, and I imagined that it was even colder at 6am. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Leftover Salad

Ok, so I realize this might not appeal to everyone. (My mom responded with disgust when I told her about it.)

But really, when you think about it, what’s different? It’s just on lettuce. That’s all. Everything else is the same. Think of it as a way to just get more veggies in your lunch. 🙂 Continue reading

One Pan Breakfast Hash

So, we were house/dog sitting earlier this week for a friend who was out of town. Just before bed, husband says, “I think I left my phone in the car.” Fast forward to 550am, as we are headed to our regular 6am CrossFit class. He gets in the driver’s side and says, “I think somebody was in here. I think my phone got stolen.” Continue reading